I took the picture on the left about 12 weeks ago and got back to karate, limited carbs to 100g a day, drank more water, less pop, less lager and to compensate for it all my insulin units have dropped. According to the scales I haven’t lost a lot in pounds but I can already see how this diet is changing my life.

I came across this quote today and thought that it was very inspirational. 

"Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow" - Unknown

Everyone should take this quote and apply it to work, school and even hobbies. Make every second count and enjoy what you are doing.  If you hate your job, then update your CV and move forward.  If you don’t have the correct credentials for your dream job, then set goals and find part time courses or online courses to help you gain the knowledge that you require.

Anything is possible, you just need the right frame of mind.

I have been listening to an audio book by Edward Tseng called “Game. Set. Life”.  This audio book is currently available on Spotify and I will be writing a post about this audio book when I have finished listening to every chapter.

Take advantage of the free knowledge and listen to this book, it will help you turn your life around for the better!

Building a food related website and being on a diet is killing me! Big shout to @mhunterphoto for making the site look lively with his snaps! #webdesign #webdev

I use an app called OmmWriter when drafting blog posts.  It’s a really awesome tool that is designed to help you set the mood for your writing. This is achieved thanks to the 7 different soundtrack, key down tones as well as 8 different backgrounds.  For more information visit this link 

So I have been wanting to work on my blog for some time now but I am looking for a direction to take with it.  What kind of things interest you? Code? Design? UX? Hit me with a comment and help my blogging juices flow :)

Another decent session slowly starting to pick stuff up roll on Wednesday for next sesh!


A night off to try and finish this once and for all…yes @tylerlogan I still haven’t finished it haha

Right day one lets be having ya!